City & Urban Innovator Engagement Manager

New York, United States


Citymart is a New York-based global technology company that empowers city officials to better serve their communities through access to data, insights, and peers. Citymart technology was developed through partnerships with 100 global cities and revolutionizes the way cities frame needs, complete procurement, and improve service delivery. Citymart further has helped thousands of urban entrepreneurs from corporations to start-ups and citizens participate in truly delightful public procurements.

Citymart is backed by the world’s leading impact investors and philanthropies, including Nordic Impact, Social Capital, Omidyar Network, Bloomberg Philanthropies, and The Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities program.

We are looking for a City & Urban Innovator Engagement Manager to join our growing team in New York City.

You will have experience in communicating with city governments or similar organizations and will be passionate about urban startups and innovators. You will have experience running content marketing campaigns that turn leads into clients into ambassadors, and are comfortable building marketing and communication strategies to achieve sales and community engagement goals. This role has the opportunity to help thousands of city officials learn from Citymart best practices through content marketing and to help thousands of vendors get their solutions to the cities that need them. This role reports to Citymart's CEO.

You must be someone who thrives in a fast-paced environment. You must be passionate about helping cities, creative, independent, focused, and an excellent problem solver. You must have the ability to work with cross-functional teams and to shape and contribute to Citymart strategy.

You are both a high-level thinker, able to develop long-term strategies, and also a front-line worker, writing blog posts, learning and social media content and marketing emails yourself. With that ability you will be thoughtful in using limited budgets to maximize impact and plan for scale. You are a stickler for grammar and punctuation, and you have a sharp eye for editing. You like building things and then testing how well they work, and you are not afraid to admit when something is not working. You are excited to use the latest technologies and online tools to customize and automate communications in order to reach more people. You have a passion for cities and the public servants who shape them.



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